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Corporate Flowers 

The Brooklyn Team can help you add the finishing touches to your business, office or retail space with a beautiful vase arrangement of flowers. We create gorgeous flower arrangements that are customised to your brand and work space. All arrangements are presented in one of our vases or we can use a vase of your choice if you prefer. We cater to you and your needs, from large arrangements to smaller ones and create new designs every week to keep the style fresh. We service all central Auckland areas and hand deliver them to your door every week. If you are looking to add some style and freshness to your space, please enquire and we can arrange a time to meet and discuss your floral needs.

Weekly corporate flowers starting from $40.00. FREE delivery

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 Corporate Gift Flowers 

What better way to say thanks than with a beautiful bunch of blooms? Send corporate gift flowers to clients, customers or staff, with pick up or delivery 




Feel at Home in Your Office in Ponsonby, Auckland with Corporate Flowers

You know that flowers and plants at the office can reduce stress and assist in decreasing absence due to sickness. While they are but a small addition to your occupational setting, their effect is astonishing. You'll find that there are different scientific explanations for this phenomenon.

Environmentalists will tell you that plants absorb CO2 and balance humidity in a room. Psychologists will reveal that flowers in bright colours or subtle tints trigger our happy brain chemicals such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. Acoustics engineers can calculate how much office plants and flowers reduce noise levels, while biologists know that humans have a natural tendency to affiliate with nature and other life-forms.

Consider that every working day, your staff spends one-third of their time at the office. To make them feel at home, to keep everyone healthy and happy, ordering office flowers from Auckland is a splendid idea.

Enliven Your Working Environment with Corporate Flowers from Ponsonby

Do you sometimes feel that your office is mainly functional? Are the walls painted in neutral white or demure pastel? Do your office cabinets complete the atmosphere with solemn grey or beige with only the chairs in dark blue, brown or black offering some contrast? Rely on Brooklyn Flowers to break this monotony with office flowers from Ponsonby. You can find our florist in 65 MacKelvie Street, right in the heart of Ponsonby. Is your office located nearby? If it's a bright and sunny day, stretch your legs and visit us.

If your time is too precious though, you can also find us online and order there, or send us an email to enquire about weekly office flowers. The bouquets and vase arrangements we deliver are just as gorgeous as the pictures in our gallery. You are welcome to give us "carte blanche" for a flower arrangement that will always work, but your taste matters too. If you have something specific in mind, feel free to let us know your floral preferences or ideal colour schemes.

A Beautiful Reason to Smile - Every Once in a While

Corporate flowers for your Auckland office can be addictive, we admit it. Once you've bought and enjoyed them for the first time, we know you'll want to repeat the experience. To regularly brighten up the atmosphere at your office, we offer subscriptions too. Have your office floral arrangements delivered every week or fortnightly to ensure a friendly ambiance.

Do you prefer a petite composition in subtle tones in a matching vase for a small office or a separate space? Perhaps you'd rather enjoy a gigantic extravaganza of colour and fragrance to bring cheer to your office landscape. The choice is yours. We adapt to any budget. If you cannot decide which is best, don't hesitate to call us or send us an email. We'll discuss what suits your business and office space best.

Order our Corporate Flowers for your Ponsonby or central Auckland company. We will deliver them to your office or workspace weekly and replace your previous week’s arrangement, all free of charge. Your working environment will never look the same.