Make their day extra special with fresh posies

Our posy flower collection is the perfect gifting choice. Buy fresh posies delicately wrapped or presented in our very own Brooklyn Box and Brooklyn Bag for maximum effect! Shop our range of beautiful posies here!

Brooklyn Flowers arranges and delivers beautiful posies to send to you or your loved ones! Our posies include freshly picked, seasonal flowers that are arranged and styled by our talented florists so you can choose the perfect bunch for any occasion. Whether you want to show deep love with a classic and timeless red rose posy bag, or are wanting to celebrate a festive occasion with a cheerful posy box, our collection has the perfect floral arrangement for you. Our posies are elegantly and carefully bagged, boxed, or wrapped for your convenience, and some collections offer free vases to make displaying your flowers easy and hassle-free. Lastly, if you want to go the extra mile, you can choose our Ecoya candle gift package that includes your choice of a 400g Ecoya candle 

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